EuroMed Justice, a programme implemented by EuroJust

EuroMed Justice brings together the most relevant stakeholders in the field of criminal justice, including representatives from the South Partner Countries (SPCs), Eurojust, European Judicial Network, the EU Member States, as well as other relevant EU and international organisations active in the judicial and law enforcement sector.

About the Programme

EuroMed Justice (EMJ) is a capacity-building program designed to develop a sustainable cross-regional mechanism of judicial cooperation in criminal matters between EU Member States (EU MS), the South Partner Countries (SPCs) – Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine1 and Tunisia – and EU JHA Agencies.
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Technical assistance Facility

An instrument created in the EuroMed Justice IV project with the aim of providing SPCs flexible and tailored capacity building in priority areas, based on the identification of needs and gaps by ENI SPCs. It is a demand-driven instrument which falls under the new flexibility and bottom-up approach of EuroMed Justice.
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EuroMed Justice: 14th CrimEx Meeting

Agreement on the conclusions of CrimEx 13 meeting (14 – 15 September 2021)

Discussions on:

  1. EMJNet set up – Contact points appointment; draft organisation rules, activities and meetings;
  2. Update of EMJ tools and development of the 6 new tools – developments and current status;
  3. Training component – Information regarding the status of implementation;
  4. TAF (Technical assistance facility) – current status and proposals;
  5. 3rd PG Forum (Prosecutors General Forum) – topics, strategic and policy documents, analyse of statistical data, sustainability;


South Partner Countries represented
EU Member states represented
interventions from International Organisations

Upcoming activities

A Special CrimEx will be held at Eurojust on 23 November 2021

The 3rd Forum of Prosecutors General will take place on 24 and 25 November 2021.


CrimEx experts start work on development of six cooperation tools

17 September 2021 | NEWS
The CrimEx expert group in criminal matters has decided to set up a series of six key tools for judicial and law enforcement cooperation with the South Partner Countries participating in the EuroMed Justice (EMJ) programme. These tools will now be further developed by high-level Short-Term Experts (STEs) who have been engaged to support the CrimEx group. They will enable asset recovery, protection of personal data, joint and parallel investigations, procedural rights of defendants and victims, bilateral agreements and the transfer of electronic evidence across the Mediterranean.

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12th CrimEx discusses roadmap towards EuroMed Judicial Network

27 May 2021 | NEWS
The establishment of a EuroMed Judicial Network of contact points (EMJNet) is one the main objectives of the new phase of the EuroMed Justice Programme, hosted by Eurojust since May 2020.

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