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EuroMed Justice, a programme implemented by EuroJust

EuroMed Justice brings together the most relevant stakeholders in the field of criminal justice, including representatives from the South Partner Countries (SPCs), Eurojust, European Judicial Network, the EU Member States, as well as other relevant EU and international organisations active in the judicial and law enforcement sector.

About the Programme

EuroMed Justice (EMJ) is a capacity-building program designed to develop a sustainable cross-regional mechanism of judicial cooperation in criminal matters between EU Member States (EU MS), the South Partner Countries (SPCs) – Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine1 and Tunisia – and EU JHA Agencies.
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Technical assistance Facility

An instrument created in the EuroMed Justice IV project with the aim of providing SPCs flexible and tailored capacity building in priority areas, based on the identification of needs and gaps by ENI SPCs. It is a demand-driven instrument which falls under the new flexibility and bottom-up approach of EuroMed Justice.
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The Team

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EuroMed Justice: Launching Conference

The EuroMed Justice Programme has officially been launched with an opening conference in The Hague on 2 and 3 February. Participants from eight involved South Partner Countries*, EU Member States and agencies joined the conference via video connection to mark the official start of the new stage of the programme.
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Upcoming activities

The 10th CrimEx meeting will take place online on February 22, 23 and 24, 2021.

This high level Experts Group in Criminal Matters (CrimEx) established in 2017 in Madrid is designed as permanent Euro-Mediterranean experts working group and functions as a real think-tank and a cross-regional forum building the trust and mutual confidence, exchanging good practices and lessons learned, conducting thorough analyses of the situation in each SPCs and in the whole region, and setting up specific recommendations, guidelines, manuals, studies and researches.


Eurojust hosts EuroMed Justice Programme to step up cooperation

07 October 2020 | PRESS RELEASE
To step up the fight against cross-border crime and further enable judicial cooperation of the EU with its South Partner Countries (SPC), Eurojust is hosting the new phase of the EuroMed Justice Programme.

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CrimEx begins development of new tools for cross-Mediterranean judicial cooperation

26 February 2021 | PRESS RELEASE
Judicial experts from Euro-Mediterranean countries (CrimEx) and Eurojust have started the design of new tools for the protection of personal data and cross-border electronic evidence gathering.

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South Partner Countries

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